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Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição,S.A. respects your privacy and undertakes to protect it. For this purpose, wedraw your attention to this Privacy Notice, which provides information aboutour Privacy Policy, practices and choices you may make about the way in whichinformation is collected “online”and how that information may be used. This website is governed by the laws ofPortugal. Portuguese courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputearising out of the use of this website.

1. Data collectedautomatically

The domains and IP addresses ofvisitors are recorded automatically. This information does not identify theuser, only the computer used to access the website. These data are analyzed ata global level to verify the location in the world that the website is beingused from, such as to guarantee coverage and allow our user service to beimproved. Personal data on each user are not collected and analyzed during thisprocess.

2. “Cookies"

In order to collect theinformation referred to in item 1, temporary "cookies" may be usedthat will be stored in the “cookies” file of the user's browsing program untilit is closed. "Cookies" alone are not used to identify the user. A"cookie" is a small piece of information sent to the user's serverand stored on their computer's hard drive, causing no damage to it. Users mayconfigure their browsing program to show a notification whenever it receives a"cookie", so that they can choose to accept it or reject it.
User IP addresses are used to help troubleshoot problems with their server andto administer the website An IP address is a numericcode that identifies a computer on the network/Internet. User IP addresses arealso used to collect demographic information. We may also conduct IP surveys todetermine the domain that the user started from (i.e.: aol-com, in order to better ascertain the user’s demographic data.

3. Privacycompliance/conformity

This privacy policy regulates thecollection and subsequent processing of personal data collected from theirsubject, as well as the exercising of his/her rights under the terms of theGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data protection legislation issubject to review, so we recommend that users consult our privacy statementregularly.

4. Hyperlinks

The Teixeira Duarte -Distribuição, S.A. website may provide links to external websites for yourconvenience and information. By accessing these links you will leave the TeixeiraDuarte - Distribuição, S.A. website. Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A. neithercontrols these websites nor their privacy policies, which may be different fromthose of Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A.. Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição,S.A. neither endorses nor represents these websites. The Privacy Statement of TeixeiraDuarte - Distribuição, S.A. does not cover any personal data that the user maytransfer to websites outside of Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A.

We recommend that you review theprivacy policies of any company prior to submitting your personal information.Some external companies may choose to share your personal information with TeixeiraDuarte - Distribuição, S.A., so this sharing process will be governed by thatcompany’s privacy policy.

5. Ownership and Access

All content on this website(texts, images, trademarks and logos) is the intellectual property of thecompany Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A. The copying, reproduction,modification or distribution of this website's content without writtenpermission from Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A. is prohibited. TeixeiraDuarte - Distribuição, S.A.  allows freeaccess, at no cost, to this website, in order to provide information about ourcompany and the work we have done for our customers.

6. Security

Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição,S.A. uses technical and organizational security measures to protect againsttampering, loss, destruction and unauthorized access to the data granted to itand administered by Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A. The security measuresthat are adopted are constantly optimized according to the latest technologicaladvances.


7. Law and jurisdiction

This website has been created andis in operation according to Portuguese laws. Use of this website is subject toacceptance of these rules and any other terms and conditions that may beadopted.
Any dispute involving Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A., under the scope ofthis website shall be regulated by current legislation, and only Portuguesecourts shall have jurisdiction.

8. Amendments

Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição,S.A. reserves the right to occasionally update its privacy policy. We willpublicize the date of its most recent update whenever we do so.
Teixeira Duarte - Distribuição, S.A. also reserves the right to suspend accessto this website without any prior notice.


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